‘The Past Inside The Present’, 2022
Natasha's first work of 2022, this painting is an abstract portrait of a woman. Her right eye is painted with realistic attention, but the rest of the work is done with brilliant vivid blocks of saturated color. The artist is taking her bold color approach further with bigger, decisive brush strokes. One is almost overwhelmed with the brightness of paint choices; the radioactive teal in her left eye, the neon orange of her right cheekbone... Your eye keeps traveling around the face, following the angles and curves created by the swing of the artist's arm. The colors overall are bright and happy, almost child-like, yet the woman's eye looks at the viewer with wistful melancholy. Done at the peak of Covid-19 pandemic in early January 2022 Northern California. 
$650.00 plus shipping
Acrylic on canvas, 16 inches wide, by 12 inches tall, by 0.75 inches deep. Ready to hang with gallery-style metal wire (unframed). hand-made floater frame with added natasha's art available at additional cost of $250.00.
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