Art of Ukrainian-born American contemporary artist Natasha Kramskaya
Natasha’s art focuses on empathy, cultural identity, and fragility of life. She is moved by intensity of color, interplay of light and shadow, and by the depth, texture and patterns which compose our world. 
Natasha Kramskaya started painting at a young age. At the turn of the century, she moved from Ukraine to the US where she graduated from the San Francisco Academy of Art University and begun working as a creative director, painting alongside.
Natasha works with acrylic, oil and mixed media. She’s developed her own technique where she paints with wide visceral brushstrokes, sometimes applying paint directly from a tube. She often incorporates cut-out canvas bits, collage, and found objects into her work. Most of her work is both realistic and abstract all at the same time.
Natasha’s art has been published by several magazines including San José’s Content and La Raiz. She is one of the selected artists for Hearts in San Francisco. She's been featured in multiple online galleries including Saatchi and Singulart. Natasha’s work has showed in dozens of exhibits in galleries around the San Francisco Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest, and her art can be found in collections across the United States, as well as internationally.
Follow Natashas art journey on Instagram @kramskaya_art.
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