What is my Art "style"?
March 6th, 2020
What is my art style? 
How do I find one? 
Do I have to have one as an artist? 
These are the questions I hear a lot from aspiring artists on social media. One artist recently posted that it always bothered her that she doesn't have a "style". She spent countless hours, taking class after class, trying to figure it out with no luck. Finally she's decided that she couldn't care less if she has a style at all. All she wanted to do is paint.
And paint you shall! 
I have a similar story when years back I desperately wanted to figure out what my style was. The thing is... I already had one. If you look carefully, you'll notice that we all do have it, naturally, as we all have our own talent, own vision, own way to paint, draw, sketch or whatever art you're into. 
What happens is we get excited about the next thing we want to paint. And so we keep jumping from subject to subject, trying out different mediums, sizes, and ideas. 
Which is great. Keep doing that. This is how you figure your own thing.
My recommendation to all artists searching for your style is to pick an idea and do a series. Stick with it for a while. This doesn't mean you have to paint pets for the rest of your life! Just do a set of 5, or 10, or however many paintings of the same subject you'd like to do now. Then after you're done painting them, look at them all together as a group. Your style will show itself in all its glory.
Take a look at the latest series of portraits I've done as an example. You can clearly see similarity in all these:​​​
Again, this doesn't mean you'll be painting the same way from now on. All artists grow and change as they progress in their art, so don't stop experimenting. But doing a series makes you really explore something at depth. After you're finished with your set, you'll learn how you want to progress next.
Enjoy your next project and happy painting!
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