In most of her works, Natasha studies human nature and emotions. She's developed a painting approach that lets the materials she uses — from paint to recycled and found objects — come together on canvas and speak for themselves through their fluidity, depth, and texture. She lets the force of gravity, the refraction of light, and the swing of her arm help tell her stories in her own way, conveying movement of nature, depth of our spirit, and fragility of life.
Californian artist Natasha Kramskaya was born in Ukraine. Growing up she would spend countless hours exploring nature of the Black Sea region. Surrounded by art, music and creativity, she started painting at a very early age. She picked up techniques and styles by studying works she loved, like many artists — including Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali — she was inspired by. Yves Klein, Ivan Kramskoi, Matisse, Morris Louis, Katsushika Hokusai: a small list of artists Natasha was drawn to over the years.
Later, three-months shy of her 21st birthday, after studying architecture, she came to live in the US. She graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California where she mastered design and visual communication. Now, living in San Jose and working as a Creative Director in the heart of Silicon Valley, Natasha paints every free moment she gets from her day job. 
Natasha is inspired by color and texture. She is drawn to color blue (her most life-changing art experience is of seeing Yves Klein's all-blue canvases at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in early 2000s). She works with acrylic, oil, and mixed media. Over the years she's developed her own technique, where she paints with wide colorful brush strokes, often using paint directly from a tube rather than mixing it on a palette. Passionate about the environment, she often incorporates different materials into her works instead of them going into landfill, like discarded single-use plastic, cellophane, food packaging and more. 
Natasha’s art has been featured in Content Magazine and multiple online publications. She is a featured artist on Saatchi Art and Singulart, some of the world's leading online galleries. Natasha has had multiple exhibitions around the San Francisco Bay Area and her art can be found in galleries and private collections across the entire USA, as well as overseas.
See hundreds of Natasha's works, get info on her current art shows, and learn more about her art journey on Instagram @kramskaya_art.
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